“You’re not scared of anyone are you?”, defendant asked at Sheffield Crown Court

A man from Wadsley Bridge’s violent past was revealed as the trial of three men for the killing of a Sheffield father continued yesterday.

Josiah Foster, 26, of Cookson Close, continued to deny his involvement in the stabbing of 22-year-old Jarvin Blake in April 2018, but admitted he saw a knife for the first time.

He told the jury he saw Lewis Barker, 27, who pleaded guilty to Blake’s murder earlier this April, hand over a knife to his mother after he, Barker, and Caine Gray, 27, drove away from the scene of Blake’s death.

Barker then took the clothes he had been wearing outside to burn them in a bin outside his house, and claimed this left him feeling in danger, the court heard.

“Alarm bells were ringing,” Foster said. “He must have done something wrong to have set them on fire.

“I wasn’t happy to be with him, but if I left I was worried he would be like ‘What’s he doing?’.”

However, prosecutor Simon Kealey QC, questioned Foster’s character after he earlier admitted to having lied to the police about owning a second, dual-sim Nokia phone during the investigation.

Foster also admitted to having kept details about the knife and fire from the police in multiple interviews, but said he was still under threat now for having mentioned them in court.

The jury heard Foster had been involved in a serious knife crime incident in February 2011, pleading guilty to stabbing his friend three times.

Foster, then 18, attacked Darren Helliwell, 24, after he intervened in a row with Jade Wardle, the mother of his two children.

“You’re not scared of anyone are you?” asked Mr Kealey.

“You are a man who is quite prepared to use serious violence.”

Barker has already been found guilty of murder and will be sentenced after the trial has finished. Foster and Gray deny the murder of Jarvin Blake.

The trial continues.