Yorkshire devolution deal and better public services among the highlights in mayoral manifestos

A devolution deal for a larger Yorkshire region and better public services are some of the highlights of the mayoral manifestos for Sheffield City Region.

Seven candidates are standing to be elected as mayor of Sheffield City Region, an area which includes Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

The mayor will act as an ambassador for the area, promoting it as a place to live, work, visit and invest in.

Powers and resources may be devolved to the mayor if an agreement can be reached in the future. This could include £900 million in funding.

Ian Walker, the Conservative candidate, has previously served as a school governor, a director of NHS South Yorkshire, and as chairman of Sheffield’s Training and Enterprise Council.

He said: “This role is about so much more than just allowing ourselves to be consumed into a wider Yorkshire devolution deal.”

He has pledged to bring investment into South Yorkshire and integrate a feasible and environmental-friendly bus system for the region.

Hannah Kitching, the Liberal Democrat candidate from Penistone, has pledged to hold regular Q&A sessions and to devolve decision making down to communities.

“Creating an open, fair environment where we all have the opportunities we deserve is my number one priority,” she said.

Ms Kitching also proposed to introduce a better transport system in the region, including London-style ticketing with daily price caps.

Mick Bower of the Yorkshire Party has pledged to abolish the Sheffield City Region and campaign for a ‘One Yorkshire’ region.

He has also pledged to donate half of his salary to support youth organisations and tackle street homelessness.

Naveen Judah, standing for the South Yorkshire Save Our NHS party, is a pro NHS anti-privatisation candidate who has pledged to fight for the region’s public services.

He has proposed to provide social housing as well as fair wages and terms of employment, and to fight for the rights of women, who, the party claims, are worst affected by austerity.

David Allen of the English Democrats, who are campaigning to ‘make England great again’, has guaranteed to represent people’s desire for a swift exit from the EU and to end mass immigration.

He has also proposed to use the mayoralty to call for a return to ‘common sense politics’.

“Political discussion and the delivery of services in South Yorkshire is blighted by political correctness,” he said.

He has pledged to fight against the imposition of a “bogus EU Yorkshire Region” and campaign for “English rule in England.”

The Green Party candidate Rob Murphy, the party’s speaker at Sheffield Council, has pledged for an open, transparent, accountable management of the Sheffield City Region Combined Authority.

He said: “I want to be an inclusive mayor – I don’t just want to govern for the Green party – I want to govern for all the political parties.”

He has also pledged to resist HS2, promote small and local businesses, and support a clean powered economy.

Labour candidate Dan Jarvis, who is also the MP for Barnsley Central, has pledged to campaign for a wider Yorkshire deal, and secure better paid jobs and transport services.

He said: “It seems to me that the best way we can cooperate and compete not just with other parts of the country but with other parts of the world is by drawing the whole of Yorkshire together.”

Shivam Patel, with input by Amy Walker