WW I memorabilia displayed in Moor Market

Memorabilia from World War I has been displayed in the Moor Market today.

The keepsakes consist of slogans, posters and a paper mache soldier sitting on his horse.

Slogans including ‘Do your bit, save food’, ‘Join your country’s army’ and ‘Eat less bread’ were put up to help visitors envisage what the situation was like during the significant event.

One can have a look at the memorabilia and explore it for any amount of time.

The city centre exhibition is free and aimed at people of all ages, especially history enthusiasts.

Abhishek Malve, a visitor, said: “The exhibition looks quite interesting and I did read most of the things put up.

“For someone like me who doesn’t know much about it, I just hoped there was someone to explain it better.”

The exhibition is open for all from the 7 of March to 26 June.

Have a look at pictures from the exhibition here:

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