Workman has tools stolen just seven days after he was targeted by thieves

An electrician from Hillsborough has had over £2,000 worth of tools stolen after he was targeted by thieves twice in seven days.

Gavin Edge, 37, returned to his van at around 4.30pm on Tuesday to find it had been cleared out of tools costing around £1,500.

This was seven days after thieves stole around £700 worth of tools from his van while he was working at a house on Main Avenue in Totley.

Speaking about the moment he realised he had been targeted a second time, Mr Edge said: “I realised right in front of the door should have been my DeWalt box, because I’d just bought a new one after it had got stolen the week before.

“It had virtually all my power tools in it, so when that was gone, my heart just sunk, I was just about to scream.”

Gavin Edge, who is employed by Oakbrook Electrical, says he will be unable to continue working unless he finds the money to replace the tools.

He says that due to an automatic locking system on his van, he is sure that the vehicle was secured when the break in occurred, and is unsure how to prevent it happening again.

While he says he can easily take his tools into the house at night, he needs to be able to take them with him during the day as he travels to different jobs.

“If they can get into my van that easily, how am I supposed to stop them doing it again and again and again?

Between this time and last it’s more than two grand. I’ve not earned two grand in a week, I’ve not earned one.”

As it’s so close to Christmas and Mr Edge has just spent money on a wedding, he is struggling to find the funds needed to replace his toolkit.

In the meantime, he is looking into extra locking devices he can be attached to his van to try and prevent thieves from striking again.