Woodhouse Forum awarded £50,000 to help adult health

Community initiatives to support adult health and nutrition in an area of Sheffield have been bolstered by a £50,000 grant.

The Woodhouse and District Community Forum has been granted the funding for their community work from the Tudor Trust, which is an independent charitable trust.

They only accept one in ten of grant requests and last year received around 3,000 grant requests.

The Sheffield-based forum have been struggling in recent years, after losing Lottery funding in September of this year, culminating in two staff members having to be paid from the reserve funds.

Kathryn Taylor, project manager for the forum, said: “We are very proud of this achievement, absolutely we are.”

The new injection of cash will be used in order to keep the core services of the forum going.

This funding from the Tudor Trust means that staff will not have to cut their hours and the forum can continue with all of the functions it currently provides in the community.

Kathryn Taylor said: “This will help us move forward towards sustainability but also will allow us to bring in more funding for the services and the activities that we do.”

The forum was set up in 1998 by concerned residents who feared that the community was on a downward path, due to an increase in crime in the area.

20 years later, and the forum now offers a range of services centred around adult education and community development.

The volunteers run the library and a community garden and there are nine paid staff and two health trainers who focus on wellbeing issues such alcohol and drug abuse as well as diet and nutrition.

Part of the focus on nutrition has led to opening of a community garden run by volunteers to grow vegetables in order to educate the younger generations.

Kathryn Taylor, project manager for the forum.