Women’s Equality Party candidate stands by campaign to revoke strip club license

Women’s Equality Party (WEP) candidate Megan Senior responded to concerns about the party’s campaign to revoke a Sheffield strip club’s license.

Ms Senior is standing in Ecclesall for the WEP, who supported the findings of a recent undercover investigation into alleged unlawful activity and sex acts at Spearmint Rhino.

Ahead of Thursday’s election, Ms Senior told JUS News: “We fully respect and accept that women may choose to work in those places and that’s their choice but we will campaign, on the licensing side of things, because we don’t think that organisations encouraging men to objectify women are positive to society. ”

The party are also strongly committed to closing the gender pay gap, and believe decisions on which companies receive public money should be based on how they disclose their gender pay gap and how big it is.

Ms Senior said: “We are spending, as a city, thousands of pounds on companies that have terrible gender pay gaps.”

The Spearmint Rhino investigation has received some backlash in recent weeks and earlier today it emerged that over 600 people have signed a petition in support of sex workers at the venue.

This comes after criticism from a number of prominent feminist groups such as the United Voices of the World.

Although the WEP say they do not want to infringe on sex workers’ rights, they say they’d like to invest in care in order to afford women the opportunity to work in different environments.

Ms Senior said: “Instead of focusing on that side of things, we want to focus on investment in care and investment in jobs that will allow women to have access to cheaper childcare and be able to work in different environments, that would be better in the long run.”

She stressed that the WEP had not commissioned the Spearmint Rhino investigation, and were therefore not in a position to comment on how the footage was obtained.

Her party is promoting a “bold, new approach to government”.

“We really feel like the problems that we are facing aren’t going to be solved by the people who created them. We are not going to get anywhere if we stand on opposite sides of the table and shout at one another.”

Another WEP candidate, Amy Gooding, is standing for election in Walkley, and if either are elected they will be the first WEP councillors in the country.

The Sheffield city council elections will take place this Thursday.