Woman verbally abused for “misusing” daughter’s disabled parking spot

The mother of a disabled child was verbally abused in a Meadowhall carpark earlier this week for “misusing” her blue badge.

Rachael Hanley returned to her car after shopping to find a note left on her car windshield, reading “I have reported you. Your daughter doesn’t appear to be disabled.”

Mrs Hanely’s daughter, Evie-Mae, suffers from paediatric apnoea, and needs to be able to access an oxygen supply kept in the car at a moments notice.

She needed treatment earlier that day when they returned from shopping.

In a post on Facebook, she said: “Had you been at my car when I returned you would have witnessed why we have a blue badge, you would have seen Evie-Mae collapse to the floor fitting whilst vomiting and needing basic life support and then her oxygen administering.”