‘Week of Treats’ gets underway at Sheffield Children’s Hospital with hampers from Forging Families charity

A “Week of Treats” organised by Sheffield charity Forging Families kicks off today at Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

The charity plans to take hampers of gifts onto M2 ward of the hospital every day this week to thank staff for their work.

This Week of Treats is the third such week organised by the charity, with Jessops and Northern General hospitals having had similar visits last year.

A different volunteer is set to visit the ward each day with different gifts.

Sarah Birch (right) with daughter Annie giving nurses Emma Harding (front left) and Jo Reid-Robert their hamper

Sarah Birch, of Forging Families, said she wanted to thank staff after her own daughter Annie was looked after by them last week.

“We often complain about the NHS and at a time when the Health Service is such a political issue its important to remember that there are people who are working hard in hospitals.”

“Anything we can do to show our appreciation can only be a good thing,” she said.

Today’s treat for staff on the ward was a hamper full of chocolate.

Forging Families’ flyer for the week (courtesy of Forging Families)

Jo Reid-Robert, the manager of M2 ward, said the week would be a big boost to her staff’s morale.

“We do get a lot of thank yous but this does mean a lot,” she said.

She added the staff were a happy workforce and a great team.

Emma Harding, a nurse on the ward, said: “It makes us feel really appreciated.”

Sarah’s daughter Annie in the hospital (courtesy of Forging Families)

Forging Families were registered as a charity in September last year and have been working with and advising new parents ever since.

The bulk of their work to date has been producing infographics for social media to help inform new parents.

Their first Treat Week took place in Jessops and the charity took hampers onto wards in Northern General Hospital between Christmas and New Year.

Anyone wishing to contact or work with the charity can reach them on their Facebook page.