“We need to take on the banks!” – Sheffield protesters fight against funding fossil fuels

Climate change activists demonstrated outside Barclays this weekend in an attempt to stop the bank’s investment in fossil fuels.

Members of Momentum, a Labour grassroots movement, started protesting at 11am on Saturday outside the branch on Pinstone Street.

The protest was one of over 40 demonstrations that took place outside Barclays branches across the country.

Jen Jones, who led the action in Sheffield, said their movement is pushing for a Green New Deal in the US, along with youth climate emerging in over 50 countries around the world.

Ms Jones said:

“People are calling on the governments to decarbonise our economies, invest in renewables and create millions of good green jobs.

“And we call of Barclays to stop funding the fossil fuel industry.

“Stop putting profit before the planet, stop putting profit before the people.”

The demonstration continued throughout Saturday, with Ms Jones chanting and encouraging members of the public to join.

@PeoplesMomentum tweeted: “Today over 40 Momentum groups took action against Barclays for funding fossil fuels.

“From anti-apartheid campaigners in the 1980s to anti-fracking campaigners today, we’ve beaten them before.

“Together we can beat them again. Barclays, we’ll be back.”

For more information about Momentum, you can visit their website.