‘We need more bins’: Shopkeepers in littered Page Hall fed up with rubbish

Shopkeepers in Page Hall in the north of Sheffield are tired of litter spoiling their community and are asking for the council to install more bins on streets.

The area has a reputation for being blighted by litter. Takeaway food containers, crisp packets, and drinks cans and bottles make up a large part of the problem.

Locals claim the widespread litter has a negative impact on the whole area, including a green space next to Fir Vale Academy Trust secondary school.

The grass is littered with an assortment of rubbish, including torn drinks cans that could make it unsafe for children.

Shakil Yasin, shopkeeper at Pound Bazar on Page Hall Road opposite the green, spoke of the measures he is forced to take in order to prevent litter from blowing into his shop. He said the area would benefit from more bins and more frequent visits from council litter pickers.

He said: “I now see rubbish as a common thing. We clean it outside, and our neighbours  do the same. The council come around sometimes and clean up, but we go out and clean the street every day.

“If the city council could put some more bins outside, that would be great.”

A Sheffield City Council spokesperson said: “We continue to patrol the area, taking enforcement action wherever we have the evidence to do so. We are also working closely with the police, which includes carrying out joint patrols.

“Educational work is ongoing in schools and within the local community, to help educate people about littering and fly-tipping.

Litter outside the shop at which Mr Yasin works

“We have just carried out a campaign which looked at residents’ behaviour, asking them to take a more responsible approach to how they manage their waste. We will continue to work hard with partners and the local community to tackle the issues.”