Vote to constrain Sheffield’s Lord Mayor has failed


A review of the role of Sheffield’s lord mayor will no longer take place after councillors voted against the proposal yesterday.

Councillors clashed over the plans as they were due to discuss whether a code of conduct should be drawn up for Magid Magid and future lord mayors.

But mid-way through the vote, Labour called for a halt to the proceedings, claiming they had never intended a formal vote to take place.

Councillor Olivia Blake, Deputy Leader of the Council, said: “I do not think it’s appropriate for the cabinet to be voting on a report when the cabinet and scrutiny committee should be separate.”

This was a clear cause of disagreement within the council, as Magid and some Liberal Democrats felt that once started, the vote should continue.

Magid said: “There seems to have been a miscommunication. Clearly something has not been done properly.

“From my understanding, you can’t withdraw it at this stage.”

In October, the council received a petition with 47 signatures, calling on them to remove Magid Magid from his position.

This was accompanied by another petition, signed by 17,500 people, in support of Magid.

This prompted the scrutiny and management committee to look into conducting a review of the role of the lord mayor.

Shaffaq Mohammed, the leader of Sheffield’s Liberal Democrats, had encouraged councillors in his party to vote against the proposals.

He said: “At the end of the day, Lord Mayors are only here for a year.

“Magid will be gone by May and there’ll be a new Lord mayor.

“Why on earth do we need to set up rules because some councillors don’t like him?”