Villagers flock to decorate street as Tour de Yorkshire races past

Villagers have united to decorate a South Yorkshire street as the Tour de Yorkshire races to Doncaster today.

Cycling fans from Wentworth and Elsecar have jazzed up bikes, lampposts and benches in preparation for the first stage of the men’s Tour de Yorkshire which ends today in Doncaster.

The colourfully decorated bikes and flower bouquets have all been handmade by volunteers, a process which took them seven weeks.

Between 30 and 50 school children from Hoyland Springwood Primary School are expected to flock to Wentworth Road and Fitzwilliams Street to see the race.

Schoolchildren will wear printed t-shirts and wave banners and flags as the cyclists speed by their decorated bikes, flowers and tassels along the latter part of today’s route.

Artist Gemma Nemer, from Elsecar, was hired to bring the two communities together and the experiment has taken place over two months of workshops at Elsecar heritage centre.

Ms Nemer said: “This is an exciting opportunity that will bring creativity and colour to Elsecar and the surrounding villages. We warmly invite all communities and all ages to come along and help us hand craft traditional decorations to decorate the route, this really is a unique, collective and creative process for all to enjoy as we celebrate our vibrant heritage and our Yorkshire home.

“It’s all about bringing villages together, and promoting local arts, it’s not just about the Tour.”

The homemade decorations have been a funded by Rotherham and Barnsley Council, where Wentworth and Elsecar are situated respectively, in a bid to promote arts and culture in the area.