Video game bar franchise coming to Sheffield

A video games and e-sports themed bar is to open in Sheffield next weekend.

Meltdown, a European franchise known for hosting and broadcasting e-sports events, is to open their doors to the public on 11 May.

The company currently has one UK venue based in London and 23 other venues across mainland Europe. Their gaming bars have reached as far as Canada and Panama.

Sheffield is known for its strong gaming demographic, with video game related events and tournaments being held on a bi-weekly basis.

Gamers in Sheffield at a fighting game tournament

Meltdown’s venues are known to host community events and tournaments, with their London venue attracting gamers from all over Europe for weekly and monthly events.

This comes after the opening of the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield last year and planning permissions being granted for a 24-hour gaming centre.

The venue, based in the currently developing Castlegate area, is unique in that it serves alcoholic drinks.

This has been a barrier for younger gamers and tournament-goers, who haven’t been allowed into venues for being under-18.

The group have mentioned that they’re looking into hosting day events on the weekends that allow younger members of the public to attend.

Corey-Jake Middleton, an entrepreneur opening a similar venue in Sheffield said: “E-sports over the years have been growing, and every year has gotten bigger.

“E-sports are the future, and now that e-sports bars and gaming lounges are coming around it’s a massive game changer.

“The Sheffield scene in general has slowly been dying down, but with meltdown and other e-sports related venues soon to be opening, it’s going to bring a lot more custom and a bigger range of audiences to Sheffield.”

Meltdown have strong links with hardware manufacturers, establishing partnerships with big names such as Samsung and Logitech. They also list NEEDForSEAT and Gunnar as partners, who make gaming chairs and gaming glasses respectively.

Meltdown’s new sign in Sheffield

Their Sheffield venue will have high-spec gaming PCs equipped with pricey Logitech headsets, keyboards and mouse hardware aimed at gamers.

The chain has an official Meltdown e-sports team, with members taking multiple world championships over a variety of disciplines and games, including Street Fighter, Starcraft and Mario Kart.

Theiropening weekend event will see video game live-streamers and cosplayers attending the launch party, with Sheffield DJ HarleyLikesMusic playing for the event.