Varsity rowing victory gives University of Sheffield a three point lead

Sheffield University’s victory in Saturday’s rowing event gave them a three-point lead over Sheffield Hallam in the early stages of this year’s Varsity event.

After nine events, the University of Sheffield have a 6-3 advantage.

Sheffield Hallam’s defeat at the Damflask Reservoir gifted the University of Sheffield two points.

The University of Sheffield have now won the rowing event in all of the previous 21 years.

So far the University of Sheffield have only lost the Boxing, Castleford Snowsports, and the second Downhill cycling event.

On Wednesday, 18 fixtures will be played with football, cricket and rugby union being contested.

The annual competition, which finishes on 1st April, has been running for 21 years.

With 1,000 athletes, and 60 fixtures, it is the third largest university Varsity competition in the UK.

Photo provided by Dan West/Forge Press.