Varsity: Hallam take 3’s Netball game but Uni captain proud of team

Sheffield Hallam claimed victory in the Netball 3’s varsity game, beating the University of Sheffield 44-50.

The game took place at the English Institute of Sport at noon today.

Chloe Gregory, the University of Sheffield’s Netball team captain said all four teams are going to be phenomenal.

She said: “The 3’s just set a really high standard by only losing by six. I think they’ve done the uni really proud.”

Gregory added that the Sheffield Hallam team played amazingly but the University of Sheffield team set the bar really high for the rest of the day.

Varsity is always the team’s biggest fixture, so there is a lot of pressure.

The team has been training twice a week, with additional court and fitness sessions in order to prepare.

Gregory said: “Every Varsity, you don’t expect this many people to come out and support Netball.

“I think it’s really important as an all-female sport, that everyone comes out to watch, no matter who you are what age you are.

“You have so many parents, course mates, the girls have so much support here and I think that’s really, really important for both clubs.”

The teams will be playing three more Netball games later today with the last match at 17.30.

Additional information on fixtures is available here.

Varsity Netball – University of Sheffield and Sheffield Hallam