Review tackling pressure on urgent care to be heard

A progress report on the Urgent Care Review will be presented to Sheffield City Council this Wednesday.

The review aimed to simplify and improve access to urgent care services, and reduce pressure on A&E.

A new approach to the review was adopted after initial proposals in September 2017 were met with criticism and alternative suggestions to tackle health inequalities were presented.

The new approach aims to engage communities which were not engaged previously, adopt more transparent ways to present data and information to the public, and work on developing clear language and communication which is universally understood.

In an attempt to engage members of the public in the debate, a survey was launched earlier this month to better understand how people use urgent services and what their priorities are when it comes to access.

The survey is still open and takes roughly ten minutes to complete.

To ensure clarity of language, urgent care was defined as “advice and treatment for illness and injuries for all ages thought to be urgent (care needed within 24 hours) – but not life threatening.”

The first phase of this new approach is focused on information gathering and is due to be completed by the end of March.

Its aim is to identify the main problems and issues in urgent care in order to set strategic objectives.