UPDATE: Sheffield Peregrines – two more eggs hatch

Another two baby Peregrines arrived on top of St George’s church yesterday.

The first two hatched on May 1, but unfortunately there is still one remaining with little chance of hatching.

The adult female has been sitting on three small chicks as well as the one remaining egg, taking what is probably her last shot to hatch it by the end of today.

Professor David Wood, Chair of Sheffield Bird Study Group said: ‘‘If it hasn’t happened today, five days after the first egg hatched, then it won’t happen.

‘‘We’ve only once had all four eggs hatch and over the last couple of years we’ve been able to look at the eggs that haven’t hatched and work out why that’s been.

“It’s due to malformed chicks at a very early stage of development.’’

All three chicks have got their eyes open and have been fed regularly.

The professor said that after three weeks the chicks should change from white fluffy chicks to looking much more like their adult parents, within the space of about a week.

He also predicted that the new chicks could be taking to the skies as early as the end of the first week of June.