University Of Sheffield given £8m for research into artificial intelligence

The University of Sheffield’s Department of Computer Science has been given £8m funding to train the next generation in artificial intelligence.

Sheffield is one of the 16 new Centres for Doctoral Training (CDT) which addresses the skills needed within the UK industry.

The Sheffield site will use the funding to focus on the current shortfall in demand for scientists in this area.

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI), which is based at the Sheffield site, aim to become a world-leading centre for training people in AI.

Professor Thomas Hain, Principal Investigator and Director of the CDT, said: “No SLT research training worldwide has the same breadth and depth, and exposure to real world problems that this centre will offer.”

The main goal of artificial intelligence is to create machines that understands humans and can communicate with them.

Professor Mike Hounslow, Vice-President and Head of the Faculty of Engineering, said: “AI is set to change the global economy significantly. The University of Sheffield welcomes the government’s investment in AI and we are delighted that our longstanding expertise in this area is being called upon.”

The University has close links with multinational organisations, such as Google or Amazon, to bring AI to reality.