UK’s first vegan social centre to open in Sheffield

The UK’s first ever vegan social centre is opening this Friday in Sheffield city centre.

Heartcure Collective will have a vegan food and coffee shop, two vegan clothing stores, as well as a community chill-out space, kids’ area and library.

The site will host fundraising events, workshops and film screenings on topics such as veganism, feminism and mental health. Cooking classes will be available for people on low incomes.

Owner of the centre Jordan Heart, also plans to have a therapist for the centre, so people can have free sessions to help them with mental health issues.

“We envisioned this space where people passionate about veganism, the environment and sustainable living could come together.

“We’re trying to create a new experience where we limit the amount of suffering and minimise the impact of the environment.”

The centre was funded through investment from Key Fund as well as community fundraising events.

Heart added: “Sheffield’s quite a conscious city environmentally already.

“Good vibes, good community, this space wouldn’t have happened without the community. That just goes to show the strength people have when they come together, the change we can create.”

Heartcure Collective is located on Garden Street, near City Hall.