Uber driver claims Sheffield City Council has made knowledge tests impossible to avoid giving out more taxi licences

An Uber driver who failed his knowledge test three times in Sheffield, but passed the Rotherham test first time, has spoken about his experience.

Trevor Ford, 60, said: “It is just a hard task to get a license- it is one of the hardest places.”

The knowledge test has three categories: locations of interest, districts, and districts and routes.

Districts and routes is the hardest part of the knowledge test Mr Ford said. Taxi drivers are given two locations and must name the roads they would take to get there fastest.

He said: “I should have passed one of the first three tests.”

When he rang Sheffield City Council, he said they refused to tell him why he had failed.

He claims that there is only enough room in Sheffield for 1500 cabs but there are actually 1600 on the road.

The knowledge test under Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council is very different to Sheffield’s he said.

Sheffield City Council said: “The application process for licensed drivers in Sheffield hasn’t changed since 2010.”

They have refused to comment further.