‘Twin twins!’: Endangered ring-tailed lemur babies say hello to the public at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A group of endangered ring-tailed lemur babies are the latest in a long line to be born at Yorkshire Wildlife Park, as part of a conscious effort to fight against dwindling population numbers.

Natalie McGill, a park ranger, said: “Here at Lemur Woods [an enclosure at the park] we’ve got eight generations of twins. In the wild it’s actually more common for them to have single babies. So here to have continuous twins is pretty good.”

The four new additions – two sets of twins – were born last month at the park on the outskirts of Doncaster, bringing the total number of lemurs there to 19.

The babies have not been named as yet

Ring-tailed lemurs are categorised as endangered by the ICUN (the International Union for the Conservation of Nature). They are only found on the island of Madagascar and some neighbouring islands.

Ms McGill said: “There’s actually more ring-tailed lemurs in captivity than there are out in the wild now. The main reason for this is simply due to habitat loss.

“So it is their habitats that we really need to focus on building back up before we can introduce them back into their natural habitat in the wild.”

In the video below she tells JUS News her favourite thing about lemurs:

According to Ms McGill, the new arrivals have proven very popular with the public.

She said: “Everyone loves a lemur baby. Just because of the cute factor and because they are endangered. It brings everyone together.”