Treegate: Amey replanting trees on Rustlings Road, Endcliffe

Dr Deepa Shetty protesting on Rustlings Road today

Contractors for Sheffield City Council have begun planting 16 new trees on Rustlings Road, in Endcliffe.

Seven trees were felled in November 2016 when Amey woke residents up from 3am onwards asking them to move their cars to enable trees to be cut down.

Two people were arrested trying to stop the trees being felled. Their cases were later dropped.

The saplings that are being planted will also replace those cut down in 2008.

Amey are due to plant 600 trees across Sheffield as part of the Streets Ahead Scheme.

The number of trees set to be replaced over the contract period is less than 0.3% of the city’s overall tree stock, according to Sheffield City Council.

Sheffield City Council said: “Ultimately, Rustlings Road will have more street trees than before the Streets Ahead contract commenced in 2012.”

However, protesters have said that the new trees are worth 1% of those that were cut down. It is believed by the Save our Roadside Trees (SORT) group that the old trees that were felled were worth £165,000.

Protester Dr Deepa Shetty, 45, who lives on Rustlings Road said: “They could have planted these saplings without having to fell the mature trees which we desperately need.”

“The campaign continues, the Streets Ahead project is a 20-year contact and there are still many thousands of healthy trees at risk”

Sheffield City Council said that recent protests had delayed the programme, and cost the taxpayer money.

A spokesperson said: “We have apologised for our approach to the tree works on Rustlings back in November 2016 and have committed to being more transparent with the people of Sheffield.”

“Every street tree on the programme will be replaced on a one for one basis.

“Unfortunately, in recent months, protester action against street tree replacement in Sheffield has resulted in severe delays to the Streets Ahead programme and a rising cost to the Sheffield taxpayer.”

On Rustlings Road, feeling among residents and those connected with the area were still raw. James Phillips, 21 said: “It’s great we’re getting more trees, although obviously they’re nowhere near as developed as previous trees.

“I’d like to see the issue pass; but the lessons need to be learnt. The manner that they were removed in wasn’t acceptable.”

Rob Monaghan, 46, Ashfurlong Road who used to live near Rustlings Road said the new trees being planted were “a waste of time”.