Tramlines festival’s move to Hillsborough has local businesses worried

 Businesses are worried as Sheffield’s Tramlines Festival is set to move from the city centre to Hillsborough Park in July.

The decision to move from Ponderosa in Upperthorpe to Hillsborough was made in time for the festival’s 10th anniversary in July.

The festival was originally set up as a way of attracting people to local pubs and clubs during their quietest week of the year.

A staff member at the Harley, Glossop Road, said she thought local venues would have to work harder this year to make up for the lack of business.

She said: “We always do our own events. Last year we did a 65-hour party and stayed open.

“More people are going to have to do stuff like that and sell tickets separately to get business back.”

The Hillsborough venue will accommodate 44,000 people- over double the Ponderosa’s 17,500 capacity.

Tramlines has seen the likes of Olly Murs, Public Enemy and All Saints perform for the crowd over the few past years.