#TonyGotAFlagpole today in Endcliffe Park

Sheffield Council raised the American flag to commemorate the fallen WWII soldiers in Endcliffe Park today.

The Mi Amigo plane crashed when Sheffield man, Tony Foulds, was in the park with his friends as an eight-year-old boy in 1944.

Tony said the plane crashed after steering away from him and his friends.

Since the 1960s, Tony has been tending to their memorial and keeping the area tidy in memory of the 10 soldiers.

He said: “They died because of me, so I’ve always looked after them as long as I’ve been able to.”

Tony officially unveiled the new flagpole today and planted an oak in the park as councillors, and media including BBC London watched on. His tree was planted with the 10 planted for the US airmen in 1969.

Tony has also arranged for his ashes to be buried at the site.

BBC Breakfast presenter, Dan Walker, met Tony in Endcliffe Park in January and heard his story.

Dan said: “What really struck me about the story is that he never made it about him. For years and years he has been quietly looking after this memorial, just doing it on his own.”

Since then, the memorial has attracted attention from as far as America. Relatives of the US soldiers are coming to the flyover, as well as media from America and BBC London.

Council cabinet member for Culture, Parks and Leisure, Mary Lea also watched the flag raising.

She said: “This has grown from nothing in just a few weeks. I think the community will be very proud. It’s a great thing for Sheffield and shown across the world.”

Tony described the flag-raising event today as “marvellous”, and the flyover on Friday is expected to attract thousands.