Time trial puts Rotherham on Yorkshire’s cycling map

by Hugh Dickinson and Harry Taylor.

Rotherham capitalised on Yorkshire’s new-found cycling obsession by holding its first ever cycling time trial on the town’s streets.

More than 40 riders of all ages took part, aiming to complete the one-mile route as quickly as possible.

The day was so successful, that Cllr Denise Lelliot, Rotherham Council Member for Jobs and the Local Economy said “This was a first for Rotherham Town Centre. We are already looking at a much bigger event for next year and are hoping to put Rotherham firmly on the cycling map.”

Professional riders from the Andy Moore racing team attended Rotherham’s event. Team member Andy Bishop said: “We usually see really flat courses when we do town centre races, so we loved the variety on the Rotherham circuit.”

Rotherham Council’s Cycle Hub were also at the event to fine tune participants’ cycles and sponsors J E James Cycles, brought along expert race mechanics to assist the competitors.

Neil Mangham won the Men’s Time Trial. The women’s time trial was won by Samantha Weatherall, and the junior prizes were won by Gab Dalessio, and Tia Sheldon.

Yorkshire hosted the start of the 2014 Tour de France, and Tour de Yorkshire began a year later, with next year’s race set to feature Sheffield.