The Yorkshire Party reflect on a ‘positive night’ in Doncaster

General Election night in Doncaster was a positive one, insist Yorkshire Party candidates who say they are making real progress in the region.

The party entered candidates for all three constituencies and managed a small gain in the Doncaster North seat.

Doncaster North candidate Stevie Manion said: “I’m happy, to say we’ve stood in a constituency with nine other candidates and I’ve increased the share of the vote – I think that speaks volumes for what The Yorkshire party stands for.

“Although we might have lost votes in some areas, in an election like this where it’s revolving around Brexit, we’ve done really well for a regional party so I’m very, very happy.”

Doncaster saw ex-Labour stronghold Don Valley fall to the Conservatives with the the Labour vote suffering across all thee constituencies.

Mr Manion said: “The Conservatives have never won anything in Doncaster and they almost took three seats tonight and that’s how much people in Doncaster are fed up.

“I think the reason Ed got off the stage and drove off like he did was because he’s realised how close he’s come to losing his seat.”

Stevie Manion (6th from the left) alongside his fellow candidates in Doncaster North

The Yorkshire Party believe they are beginning to make some real headway by engaging voters disillusioned with the major parties.

Mr Manion said: “Politics is about policies but it is also about the individual, I think we’ve seen that at this election .

“You’ve got the likes of Corbyn losing an election for Labour, Swinson potentially losing many votes for the Lib Dems.

“Every party has been hiding people, whereas at the Yorkshire Party we want to get our candidates and our activists out there talking to people.

“We’re going to continue, we’re going to keep plugging away and hopefully people like what they hear and they like me as a person.”