The South Yorkshire mayoral candidates: South Yorkshire Save Our NHS Party’s Naveen Judah

A new political party has been established to elect a Sheffield City Region mayor which wants anti-privatisation of the NHS.

The South Yorkshire Save Our NHS party’s candidate, Naveen Judah, is passionate about providing improved social housing, fair wages, education, policing and rights for women.

Mr Judah, a Rotherham resident for 26 years, said: “I want to make sure the people of South Yorkshire understand what is being done secretly to cut services and reduce health care.”

South Yorkshire Save Our NHS’s candidate is standing to raise awareness of the threat to the NHS from Sustainability and Transformation Plans and Accountable Care Organisations, which are thought to be a vehicle for cuts and privatisation.

Mr Judah, treasurer for the National Health Action party, has also campaigned against the proposed closure of Sheffield’s Broad Lane walk-in centre and the Minor Injuries Unit at the Hallamshire Hospital.

He added: “I understand a lot about health care. Health is the most important thing we have in life.

“Nobody seems to be understanding the importance of health. As far as the candidates are concerned, it is not in their manifestos.”

Mr Judah is an accountant and has volunteered in the disability sector for seven years supporting Rotherham’s Disability Network, which he founded and chaired.

Mr Judah said: “To cut costs on health care is immoral and goes against all medical advice.”

Cheaper public transport, providing free local train travel for older people, is also on Mr Judah’s agenda.

On the issue of a Yorkshire-wide devolution deal, Mr Judah wants to give the people ‘what they want’.

Voters in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster will vote for a Sheffield City Region mayor on Thursday 3 May.