The South Yorkshire mayoral candidates: English Democrats’ David Allen

An English parliament, independent from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is high on the agenda for the English Democrats’ mayoral candidate.

David Allen, born and bred in Doncaster, is standing for mayor of Sheffield City Region, despite opposing the regionalisation of England.

He said: “If England is properly regionalised, Scotland will be the largest political unit within the UK. They usually ally themselves with the other Home Nations to the detriment of England.”

The example of greater tuition fees for English university students was given, since Scottish students receive free tuition in comparison.

Mr Allen, Yorkshire General Secretary of the Workers of England Trade Union, said: “The devolution settlement has been gerrymandered to suit everybody but England.”

The English Democrats want a national English parliament and to decentralise powers through local and county councils.

“The role of mayor has no power. It has a limited amount of money but it’s over a very long period of time,” said Mr Allen

The government has promised £900m over 30 years to regions which collectively elect a mayor.

Sheffield City Region will not receive this money however, as Sheffield and Rotherham are the only councils to have agreed to a mayor, while Barnsley and Doncaster have refused.

Mr Allen does not believe the differences between these councils can be resolved.

“It’s like children asking their parents to do as the children are telling them. It will not happen,” he said.

The English Democrats wish to represent the views of South Yorkshire by supporting a Brexit deal to leave the European Union.

“South Yorkshire need to be able to vote for a patriotic English candidate who reflects the democratic will of the people of South Yorkshire to Leave the EU and to get our country back,” Mr Allen said.

The English Democrats’ mayoral candidate came second in the first South Yorkshire Police Commissioner election in 2012.

Mr Allen, a retired engineering salesman, said: “Because of my experience I’m not hidebound by having to be politically correct to protect an income that should serve me well in being able to represent people properly and get the best deal for Yorkshire.”

Voters in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley and Doncaster will vote for a Sheffield City Region mayor on Thursday 3 May.