The budget’s effect on South Yorkshire transport users

Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Transforming Cities Fund, which aims to improve transport links in cities across the UK, has been met by resistance in Sheffield.

South Yorkshire has missed out on part of a £1.7 billion investment to improve a transport links.

Cities with an elected Metro Mayor, such as Manchester and Liverpool and some cities in the West of England and the West Midlands, will receive tens of millions of pounds.

Sheffield does not have a Metro Mayor, so it does not qualify for the fund.

Transport users and commuters in Sheffield feel this is “grossly unfair”, but said current links within and outside the city are “adequate and easily accessible”.

While they encourage investment on transport in the city, views on long-term projects such as HS2 are varied.

Many believe Yorkshire and the rest of the North have been let down by those in central government- in transport and other public sectors.

Mr Hammond’s fund has been met by widespread praise across the country.