Brakes are put on plans for new fire engines in Sheffield and Doncaster

Sheffield and Doncaster are facing losing out on new fire engines for the service, due to forced budget cuts.

Despite next year’s spending still being projected to come in as expected, the South Yorkshire Fire Authority, may have to make up to £4 million in savings due to unforeseen bills.

The need for savings means the planned purchases of new fire engines for Sheffield and Doncaster are now on hold indefinitely.

South Yorkshire Fire Service say the news will not change their approach to keeping the public safe despite several years of Government funding cuts.

A spokesperson said, “Our ethos throughout austerity has been to provide the best possible service to the people of South Yorkshire within the budgets available to us.

“We will adopt the same approach in dealing with the latest pressures on our funding.”

South Yorkshire Fire currently has 45 vehicles in its fleet to cover the areas of Barnsley, Doncaster, Sheffield and Rotherham.