“The aim of my game is to stop Brexit”, says young Remain campaigner

EU Super Girl Madeleina Kay, although not from Krypton, is still fighting her personal General Zod of sorts – Brexit.

If you look at her student profile, you’ll find her tagged to the B.A. Landscape Architecture programme at the University of Sheffield. But Madeleina is arguably one of the youngest and strongest Remain campaigners. She sports a Superwoman costume and drapes her white wolf with the EU flag – a quick recipe for attracting attention on streets of UK.

There’s more to Madeleina’s “Brexit-bashing” than just dressing up like a Kryptonite. Her illustrations, although targeted at children, have had a massive impact on adults all over the country as well. For instance, Theresa May-be in Brexitland is a simple book written and illustrated by Madeleina herself. But as many as 114 MPs voted to stop Brexit after receiving copies of her work.

Throw in an artist, singer and writer, and you’ve got a true EU-supergirl. But Madeleina’s main agenda is to “fight Brexit with fun, not fear.”

Her latest crowd-funded initiative in support of the Remain campaign has collected “1000 hand-written letters with a message of solidarity to Europe” meant to be handed out in Brussels on Christmas Day. She has also collected £640 of her £1000 target.

She’s led a successful campaign which has received encouraging comments, with one reading: “Good luck. This is a great way of getting a message of friendship out instead of the message of division that gets consistently reported.”

An active figure on Twitter, Madeleina features on the Insurgents Power 250 – a list of the most influential voices of Remain on the micro-blogging website.

Madeleina believes the EU “celebrates diversity of different cultures.” She added that the UK cannot leave the EU and have benefits at the same time.