Teenagers are being urged to sign up for South Yorkshire Police cadets

Recruitment has opened for the South Yorkshire Police Cadet scheme today, encouraging people between 15 and 17 to sign up.

The programme runs until participants reach the age of 18, but there is an opportunity for them to stay on as a cadet leader.

Abby Grzesiek is a former cadet who made that choice. She is now a PCSO for South Yorkshire police, and she is urging other young people to join the cadets.

She said: “From day one we were totally immersed in the world of policing, we had presentations from officers from right across the force, telling us about crime scenes, response work, police dog training and what it takes to be a cop.”

The cadet programme mixes education with engagement, with Cadets representing the police at community events.

“Joining the cadets has also played a big role in my career progression, I’m now a PCSO! I would say to anyone who is considering applying – just do it! It’s an experience that you will always hold close to your heart, whether you join the police after it, or go on to do something else fantastic, you’ll always remember your time with the force.”

If you are interested in joining the South Yorkshire Police cadets, find more details here.

Featured image by South Yorkshire Police.