Teachers at Bradfield School to go on strike over cutbacks

Teachers at Bradfield School are planning to strike this Wednesday after the school announced it would close the 6th Form and reduce the number of staff.

After consultation at the school, which was undertaken by the Headteacher and members of the governing body, revealed the school to be struggling with poor funds.

Bradfield is in the bottom 50 of 3080 schools in England and by the end of the year will have a deficit of over £800,000.

Toby Mallinson, Joint Branch Secretary for Sheffield National Education Union, said: “Reluctantly members of the National Education Union have voted overwhelmingly to take strike action at Bradfield School.

“Amid a national teacher shortage, Bradfield’s governors and leadership have informed staff that 15 teachers may lose their jobs and morale is understandably at rock bottom in the school”

The school has struggled to enrol the minimum number of students needed to make the sixth form sustainable and, of the 300 enrolments necessary, Bradfield has only 180.

The school also plans on restructuring the curriculum and making teaching savings, however union officials have called this poor financial management that could jeopardise the education of young people.

Mr Mallinson added: “Our members care passionately about this community and have taught generations of youngsters in the area. Through no fault of their own, they face the potential loss of their jobs.

“Teachers only strike as a last resort and when they have no other options and we are seeking to avert industrial action through negotiations with the employer.

“That’s why we will do everything that we can to avoid it and hope that the school is genuinely interested in working with us to solve the dispute.”

In the most recent Ofsted report, Bradfield School was given the rating ‘requires improvement’. The plan is for the Sixth Form to close in September 2019, current students will not be affected.

Bradfield School have been approached for comment.