Tea, cake, and paper plates: Café opens its doors at Sheffield care home

A new café at a care home in Sheffield which offers a safe place to have coffee and cake opened its doors this afternoon.

The care home café is located at Herries Lodge, on Teynham Road, which specialises in dementia care.

Up to 47 people are supported to live a comfortable lifestyle at the NHS facility.

Adjustments to the café include sticking down teacups and using paper plates instead of breakable crockery.

This means people suffering from dementia can enjoy coffee, tea, and cake in a safe environment.

The café was opened by Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Joe Wildsmith, who said the new addition is “really important”.

The café also plays music from the fifties and sixties, and is decked out with flowers and floral wallpaper to make residents feel happier and more at ease.

The work of Paige Williams has been key to the development of the tearoom café.

Her appeal for china cups and sauces, fancy plates for afternoon tea, and other related items has been a huge success thanks to social media support.

Famous fundraiser and Sheffield’s ‘Man With A Pram’, John Burkhill, showed up to give the event his support.

Paige’s fundraising efforts will mean a great space for activities can be enjoyed by those living at Herries Lodge.