Swan shot with 14-inch crossbow bolt near Rotherham: Police investigation launched

A swan has been shot with a 14-inch crossbow bolt yesterday in a nature reserve in South Yorkshire.

South Yorkshire Police have launched an investigating into the incident in Rotherham yesterday morning.

Her majesty’s bird was rescued from the Silverwood Colliery Nature Reserve by Yorkshire Swan Rescue volunteers on Sunday morning.

The female swan refused to eat and left its nest full of eggs as it was monitored by volunteers for a number of days.

Dan Sidley from Yorkshire Swan Rescue told the BBC: “This is an act of appalling and deliberate animal cruelty.

“It is difficult for us to comprehend why anybody would deliberately harm such a beautiful bird. It’s sickening.”

Pat Heartley from Mill House Animal Sanctuary, Sheffield, said: “Attacks on swans are not terribly common, we haven’t found that they are but nothing surprises me, nothing at all these days.”

She added: “I think it’s horrendous, in my mind they should have the same doing to them, some terrible things happen to animals.”