Survation Brexit poll: South Yorkshire Brexit support is falling

A new Brexit Poll shows that there is has been an eight percent fall in support for leaving the European Union in South Yorkshire since 2016.

Survation yesterday released its full breakdown of the data of its large poll on people’s views on Brexit and Theresa Mays Brexit deal with Sheffield polling for the first time  remain.

South Yorkshire as a region backed Leave with 62% of people in the region voting to leave and 38% voting to remain in the EU.

Sheffield had the highest Remain vote in South Yorkshire at 49% while Doncaster had the highest Leave vote in the whole of Yorkshire with 69%.

What the figures show is that even in a Brexit-friendly area such as South Yorkshire there has been a significant swing in majority support even though, as a whole, the region still retains majority support for withdrawal from the EU.

In all four local authorities that comprise South Yorkshire there has been a drop in leave support.

Barnsley has had the largest drop in support with an 11% swing away from leave, Doncaster and Rotherham both saw a swing of around 8.5% towards remain the smallest swing was in Sheffield with a swing of 5%.

Sheffield however for the first time since 2016 is now polled as a majority remain area with leave now polling at 45% and while there have been large swings away from leave in Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham they still all show leave support at around 60%.

Name Region 2016 Leave vote 2018 Leave vote estimate Estimated change in Leave support Estimated % would accept government’s deal
Barnsley Yorkshire and The Humber 68 57 -11 39
Doncaster Yorkshire and The Humber 69 60 -9 43
Rotherham Yorkshire and The Humber 68 60 -8 42
Sheffield Yorkshire and The Humber 51 46 -5 42

Data taken from Survation’s “What the Nation Thinks Now” Brexit poll

Worryingly for Theresa May even in such a leave area support for deal is around only 40% with no area in the county polling majority support for her deal, this reflects the national picture which shows a similar level in support for the deal. South Yorkshire has shown a higher than average swing towards remain however this could be because it is already a strong leave area the swing is naturally going to be higher.