Suicide survivor launches fundraiser for film about prevention

A woman from South Yorkshire who tried to take her own life four years ago is trying to raise £20,000 to make her own film about the effects of suicide.

Téba Diatta spoke about her own experiences and said: “It was hell. The darkest days I can just remember hating the sunlight, I wanted it to be night, I wanted to be anonymous.

“For a whole week I didn’t leave my house once and I was running out of food.

“I dressed myself in black, thinking that this was the last thing I would ever wear.”

She added that she wouldn’t erase her past to make it happier, as it’s a part of who she is.

Instead, she said her past has made her passionate about telling her story and showing that life can, and does get better.

The film will use the perspectives of ten different strangers dealing with the same suicide, ranging from the police officer who has to break the news, to the friend who hasn’t been in touch for a while.

Téba hopes that this will make people realise that suicide can affect anyone at any time.

She urges the importance of always being kind, because you never know what’s going through a person’s head.

She said: “One woman at work told me I was useless, and I already believed that everyone thought that of me.

“Please think about what you say and how you say it, because someone could be one step away from suicide, and your comment might just push them over the edge.”

In 2017, there were almost 6000 suicides in the United Kingdom, and males remain three times as likely to take their own lives than women.

The Samaritans, a charity who research suicide prevention said more needs to be done to understand why women take their own lives.

You can find the link to the fundraiser here.