Stop, Chain, Check: A warning from South Yorkshire Police

South Yorkshire Police are warning the public to watch who they let through their door after five ‘bogus official’ burglaries where reported in Sheffield in just one day.

Burglar’s pose as professionals, often wearing suits and fake identification to trick home owners into letting them gain entry where they are then able to to steal valuables. They usually claim to be from the water company or the council. Some also pose as trades people and will trick vulnerable people into having unnecessary work done.

‘Stop, Chain, Check’ is a simple routine designed by police to protect those most vulnerable from tricksters.

Stop: check your backdoor is locked, ask if your expecting anyone? Chain: leave the chain on and don’t be worried to look through the key hole first. Check: Ask to see their ID badge and see if their photograph matches, check and call the company if in doubt.

A spokesperson said: “Gas, water and electricity companies are all required to have special services for older people. For example, you can arrange and agree a password that the person calling at the house will know – call the company to arrange this. Also worth remembering is that there is no such thing as the ‘gas board’ or ‘water board’ any more.”

If the routine is still leaving you with doubts, South Yorkshire Police reminded home owners “If in doubt, keep them them out!” and not to invite anyone in you are not 100% official.