South Yorkshire turnout plummets below national average

Despite being described as the most important election of our generation, voter turnout in South Yorkshire plunged below the national average.

Yesterday’s turnout was on average 60.87% which is 6.36% less than the national figure, currently standing at 67.23% with two seats still left to declare.

Voter turnout across South Yorkshire dropped an average of 2.1% from the 2017 general election figures.

The most notable drop was in the Sheffield Central constituency where MP Paul Blomfield kept his Labour seat, with a decrease in turnout of 5.1%.

Other notable drops included Doncaster North (2.2%), Wentworth and Dearne (2.9%), Barnsley East (4.1%) and Barnsley Central (4.3%)

The only constituency that did not see a drop was Sheffield Hallam, which had a small increase of 0.6%.

One Sheffield centre voter, commenting on the drop in turnout, said: “It’s a lack of confidence in any of the political parties, in that they have no faith in any of the policies and don’t think they will come to fruition, so decide just not to vote at all”.

A non-voter said, “I felt it was very torn decision and there wasn’t really one leader I felt confident in enough”.