EXCLUSIVE: Terror attack drills in South Yorkshire schools

Secondary schools across South Yorkshire have been carrying out drills in preparation for a terrorist attack, with one school barricading its doors and hiding students under desks this week.

Since the terror attacks earlier in the year, the government has been producing additional safety guidelines, one of which is lock down procedures in schools. It is not compulsory for schools to run the drills but all teachers have been given lesson plans, videos and procedure guidelines for the first time.

At one Sheffield school, children were asked to hide under the desks in silence while the teachers barricaded the doors with tables and books. A senior staff member acted as the attacker and attempted to enter the rooms in the school to check the teachers blocked the door well enough.

David Owens, an emergency planning officer for Sheffield and Rotherham councils, said: “Terrorism knows no boundaries. It could happen anywhere and at any time.

“There’s no suggestion that schools or any educational premises are going to be attacked but you can never exclude it because individuals will target according to their own preferences.”

The advice comes after the National Police Chiefs Council released ‘run hide tell’ information for children aged 11 upwards. Previous ‘run tell hide’ information was aimed at adults and holiday-makers.