South Yorkshire rockers Your Life And Mine release mental health awareness single

South Yorkshire rockers Your Life And Mine are set to release a single which will raise awareness of mental health issues in young people.

The band’s latest track ‘Remind to Remember’ was released this week in support of UK charity Young Minds.

Bill Hobson lead vocalist said the band’s drummer Chris Ogden came up with a melody and wanted to create a track focused on the theme of bullying and being young.

“I heard the melody and I absolutely loved it.

“When we did sit down and went through it piece by piece, we took it apart and I said instead of just focusing on bullying I want to focus on young people as a whole. And the main thing that’s pressing at the minute is mental health,” he said.

Photo: Declan Creffield

The five piece, who describe their music as modern rock, then looked into the issue further.

After contacting Young Minds, a charity that look to support young people with mental health issues, Bill said he was particularly taken aback at the fact that 60,000 young people commit suicide each year.

“It’s horrible to think that someone so young with such a future ahead of them would take their own life.

“So we wanted to focus on that and demonstrate that to people and shock them a bit to make them think ‘bloody hell that is not good’” he said.

The figure is shown at the beginning the video to the single along with two other key statistics:

  • 1 in 5 people suffer mental health problems before they leave school.
  • 1 in 4 children are reported to be bullied each year.

Drummer Chris Ogden’s film company, Long Chalk Media, produced the video where the band highlight the importance of self-expression, dressing up in different costumes.

Your Life & Mine – Remind to Remember: Video by Long Chalk Media

However, Bill wanted to emphasise the sincerity of the video’s message.

He said: “Some of us were concerned about dressing up. The last thing we wanted was people thinking we were making fun of the subject.

“The different outfits are meant to tell people that we’re comfortable and accepting with doing anything we want.”

After forming five years ago, Your Life And Mine will release their latest EP ‘Under One Roof’ on 10 June.

Bill said although the band hope to raise money for Young Minds the most important thing is raising awareness.

“We want people to feel they can reach out. Our inbox is always open.

“There are five of us in the band, one of us will get back to you, we want to talk about mental health, that’s why we’ve made this song,” he said.

You can donate to the Young Minds fundraiser here.