South Yorkshire Police weapons amnesty ends on Sunday

A two-week weapons amnesty run by South Yorkshire police ends on Sunday.

Police are still urging people to hand in illegal firearms, ammunition and knives.

During the amnesty, those handing in weapons will not face prosecution for possession, which normally would carry up to four years for a knife and a minimum of five for a gun.

However, police also said that all the weapons handed in will be forensically examined, and those found to have been involved in criminal activity will be investigated, which could lead to prosecution.

Sergeant Dave Cremin, of South Yorkshire Police, said: “We appreciate that people carrying such weapons are unlikely to hand them in.

“But if people hand in weapons that are not linked to an ongoing live incident, they will just be submitted with no other questions asked.”

With only three days to go before the end of the amnesty, 139 weapons have already been handed in, including a sword hidden in a walking stick.

Over 75 weapons have been handed in since Monday, which more than doubled the total number of weapons handed in during the first week.