South Yorkshire Police release hoax calls as April Fool’s Day warning

Nuisance calls released by South Yorkshire Police show that hoax calling is to be taken seriously, even on April Fool’s Day.

There has been a recent spike in the number of such calls, which waste police resources and can stop people in need from getting help.

Some notable nuisance phone calls included:

“The chip shop doesn’t have the sauce I want.”

“Another dog has made my dog pregnant.”

“I’ve been given the wrong size pizza at the takeaway.”

On the back of this, SYP are urging people to call 101 or 999 only when necessary.

Superintendent Robert Chapman, Head of Communications at Atlas Court said: “Every call we receive must be treated as serious, and so when faced with obvious pranks, it is a massive drain on valuable time and resources.”

SYP also stressed that misuse of 999 is a criminal offence and they could prosecute those that make a hoax call.

Regardless of this, their numbers have been growing in South Yorkshire, annoying phone handlers and putting people in danger.

Superintendent Chapman said: “It is frustrating that genuine callers are having to wait longer due to the increased workload nuisance calls create.

“Recently, we have had 28 silent calls in one day from an individual, which all turned out to be hoaxes.

“We would urge the individuals making these calls to consider the consequences of their actions, and we hope that by sharing examples of the nuisance calls our handlers deal with, we can highlight the correct way to use 101 and 999 to ensure the genuine calls to report an incident can get through.”

Featured image by South Yorkshire Police