South Yorkshire police officer wins award after saving Rotherham runner’s life

A police officer will receive the Royal Humane Society award after she gave emergency CPR to a 68-year-old man in April this year.

Jimmy Brogan collapsed and was struggling to breathe when PC Nicole Palmowski spotted him lying unresponsive against a wall.

Mr Brogan said: “I am certain that it was the prompt action of the police officers that saved my life.”

PC Palmowski was assisted by a retired police officer who was passing as she worked tirelessly to restart Mr. Brogan’s breathing.

The Maltby-based PC ordered a bystander to grab a defibrillator while she began mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

Rotherham Chief Superintendent Rob Odell was full of praise for the young officer.

“We cannot underestimate how important her reaction was in that short space of time,” he said.

After performing heart surgery on Mr. Brogan, a consultant later informed PC Palmowski that her actions had saved the man’s life.

Sergeant Matthew Frogson, who was PC Palmowski’s training officer, nominated her for the award which celebrates life-saving intervention.

He said: “It was a very hot day and she clearly realised time was of the essence.”

Mr. Brogan and PC Palmowski were reunited at Maltby Police Station on Tuesday so he could give his thanks in person.