Shocked Sheffield parent renews call for speed bumps after another high speed car crash in Darnall

Horrified parents who fear for their children’s lives are again calling for speed bumps after a high speed car crash in Sheffield yesterday.

Police are appealing for witnesses after a red Volkswagen Golf and a silver Audi A4 collided at 10.30pm last night on Shirland Lane, Darnall.

Residents are scared for their children when crossing the road and have written to Sheffield City Council to get speed bumps fitted.

Abdul Malik, 29, of 350 Shirland Lane, said: “It is so scary to be a parent living on this road. I am so fearful of something happening. I just don’t want that dreaded phone call that something has happened to one of my children. At the moment I am living thinking about that.”

Mr Malik, who is a behavioural enforcer at Sheffield Inclusion Centre, said people use the road to drive fast and miss the speed bumps on Staniforth Road.

He said: “The accident yesterday was so horrific it makes you scared to leave the house. I have told my wife to make sure you don’t take the kids out unnecessarily.”

He added: “Will it take a loss of life for the council to do something? I do not think that’s a price worth paying.

“You cannot put a price on a life for me.”

Cars drive much faster than the 20 mph limit all the time and some travel at least 70 mph, he said.

Mr Malik led a petition for speed bumps last year and got 400 signatures in four days before he met with Darnall Coun Mary Lea.

Coun Lea said speed bumps are not the answer as they are expensive and need to be maintained.

She said the bottom line was the council had no budget to fund the speed bumps.

“People are deliberately breaking the law. It is a straight run from Balfour Carpets to the end so they can go fast. These people have no regard for others,” she added.

Sheffield City Council have put up 20 mph signs on the street and are looking to fund a Speed Indication Display for Shirland Lane.

Sheffield City Council’s ‘Streets Ahead’ program will be complete next year as £2b will be spent on improving the city’s roads.

Call 101 and use incident number 1079 with information on the crash.