#SheffRubbish: Our campaign to highlight the litter and rubbish that’s blighting Sheffield

The widespread dumping of litter and rubbish in Sheffield is an issue that, quite literally, does not go away. According to people JUS News has spoken to, it is “shocking” and “totally unacceptable whatever your background”.

Today we are taking a closer look at the problem, focusing on particular facets of it – from tarnished green spaces to rats and other vermin – and also highlighting some solutions that we can see in and around the city.

As is the case in many areas of the UK, an increasing population and local government cuts have contributed to the problem, but much of the mess is simply down to irresponsibility too.

Whole areas of Sheffield are tainted by plastic bags, bottles, food waste and worse, green spaces all over the city are blighted by rubbish and street corners spoiled by black bin bags.

David Lunt, a volunteer who works as part of a community group on allotments in Darnall, told JUS News: “Mostly bin bags full of rubbish and garbage just get scattered at the side of the road. Plastic cartons get scattered about. It’s household rubbish and toys that children have grown out just dumped on various sites.

“I think it’s shocking that some areas people have just sort of dumped their rubbish and just left it there. It’s an environmental hazard and it’s just not good for wildlife, or for anyone really.”

A railway bridge in Darnall has had litter strewn across it for several weeks according to a JUS News reader

For those of us who live and work in the city, this is an upsetting blight on an otherwise spectacular place.

But, with public money spent on the Clean Sheffield campaign in conjunction with Keep Britain Tidy, councillors helping with litter picks city-wide, and a whole range of community and civic projects helping to tidy up Sheffield, solutions do exist, and we want to make people aware of some of the work that is being done.

Julie Gay is a volunteer litter picker and involved in the Sheffield Litter Pickers Facebook group. She told JUS News: “Litter needs to be addressed in schools from an early age and as part of the curriculum.

“It is everyone’s responsibility and we have to stop blaming councils. It needs to be totally unacceptable whatever your background.”

Sheffield City Council have signage discouraging fly-tipping in at-risk areas

A spokesperson for Sheffield City Council said that they do their bit, and have fined almost 800 people for littering over the last year, as well as running various initiatives aimed at cleaning up our streets.

The council spokesperson said: “Everyone should do their bit to improve our environment and we will not tolerate those who spoil it.”

At JUS News we agree.

Over the day we will be covering as many litter and waste-related stories as we can in order to make this point. In conjunction with BBC Radio Sheffield and the Sheffield Star, we think it is time to make a point about the state of our environment.

We will be visiting areas of the city particularly affected by litter such as Darnall, Page Hall and Burngreave, and we will be ready and waiting for tip-offs and comments.

Use the hashtag #sheffrubbish on Twitter and tweet us @JUS_News to let us know if there is a particularly rubbish story we should be telling.