#sheffrubbish Live!

Today at JUS News we are tracking the problems of litter and fly-tipping in Sheffield. We have reporters out and about in the city and the surrounding area, and we will be highlighting the issue and its implications all day.

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17:30 Our reporters got out and about in Sheffield today, see where here!

Click the places to see what we discovered and what we got up to today!

17:10 It can be a prickly situation for South Yorkshire Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs at the Cawthorne rescue centre are getting into prickly situations after getting caught in plastic mesh. Here’s one after it’s been rescued.

16:50 Fly tipping in Rotherham a danger to staff and students

Staff at Abbey School in Rotherham are concerned that littering and fly-tipping in their lane is putting students at risk, here’s a look.

16:20 Page Hall litter video

Lydia has more on the litter that blights Page Hall

16:00 Litter continues to blight Page Hall

Lydia has been in the Page Hall area of Sheffield which has a reputation for having extremely littered streets. She found that the litter was extremely widespread, and spoke to a shopkeeper who has to clean the street outside his shop almost every day to keep it from blowing inside.

14:36 Crystal Peaks nominated for a major award

In a week where JUS News have been covering Sheffield’s worst litter spots, it’s great to hear that Crystal Peaks have been nominated for a major award for their waste management and zero landfill policy.

14:24 Reporter Rachel Lewis explores new territory

We explored University of Sheffield journalism lecturer and paper hoarder Mark Hanna’s secrecy regarding his office:

Mark Hanna’s office: “It’s not as bad as it usually is”

13:26 Rhoda explores Rotherham’s Abbey School

A school for children with moderate and complex learning difficulties told JUS News and BBC Radio Sheffield they were worried about litter on the premises putting pupils at risk.
Our reporter Rhoda is out and about to find out more.

13.10 A rubbish game with reporter Fionnula Hainey

We’ve been out and about in the city centre seeing just how much rubbish we can spot on our most popular roads.


13.03 Furniture dumping on Abbeydale road 

Local shop owners told reporter Michael Fenn that the sofa and chair have been left at the side of the road for two weeks.


12:50 VIDEO: Patrick shows us how it’s done

Patrick Culhane was at Ponderosa Park this morning with community group Time Builders.

Organiser Nuno Mendes has been doing the pick for nearly 30 years, and Patrick chatted to him.


12:25 A school in Rotherham contacts us about litter on their school lane

Rhoda Morrison is currently out at Abbey School in Rotherham chatting to school about concerns they raised using our hashtag this morning:


12:12 Worries about needles left on Park Hill

Isabelle Tudor chats to Sheffield City Council workers, who say that they can sometimes find up to 15 needles a day when working near Park Hill.

Shef City Council workers have told @JUS_News that they can find up to 15 needles a day when working near Park Hill


12:05 Valley Centertainment tram stop strewn with rubbish

Reporter Rachel Lewis discovers an area which “clearly has not been cleaned in a month”, as Varsity merch left all over the ground.


11:45 Litter-picking on the Ponderosa

Patrick Culhane has spent the morning at the Ponderosa in Sheffield. He has been working with Timebuilders Sheffield to help pick up waste on the park. Check out his video: