Sheffield’s 4G mobile coverage second best in UK

Sheffield is the second best city in the UK for mobile 4G coverage, according to a report released today.

Independent consumer group Which? and mobile coverage analysts OpenSignal studied the 4G coverage of 20 major UK cities.

They found that Sheffield has over 79% coverage, which is better than most of the country.

Brendan Gill, CEO of OpenSignal, said: “We have an application which measures the availability and speed that people are getting. Today we published these results based on all the people in the UK who downloaded the app and tested their mobile network.

“We have found out of the 20 largest cities in the UK, people in Sheffield have the second greatest amount of time spent on 4G signal.

“So that means you’re much more likely, if you’re living in Sheffield or spending time there, to get a 4G connection than any other kind of connection or getting no service at all.

“What that really translates to for consumers is faster speeds, more reliable speeds, and generally a more responsive network.

“Generally, it’s a good mobile experience we’re finding in Sheffield.”

Northern and Midlands cities scooped up top places in the results. The Middlesborough/Teesside area came in first place with 82.7% coverage, and Sunderland, Leicester, and Leeds also came in the top five.

Bournemouth and Poole came in at the very bottom of the table, with just 68% coverage. Southampton, Portsmouth, Nottingham and London came in with the next lowest scores.