Sheffield Wednesday manager Carlos Carvalhal: ‘We’re better than we were last year’

After a two-nil win against the Wolverhampton Wanderers last weekend, Sheffield Wednesday manager Carlos Carvalhal is looking forward to a busy December.

Between December 3rd and 2nd January, the Owls are playing seven games.

“It’s very hard. We play a game on Saturday, then have to be ready to feedback to the team on Monday for another game on a Tuesday. It’s strange for us, especially after a quiet November, but we like it too,” said Carvalhal.

“I think all the games in the championship are very tough. Easy games in the championship don’t exist. It’s normal that anything can happen in the championship,” he added.

Carvalhal also recognises the importance of the Wednesday fans, when they’re both home and away.

“When we play at home, we have the power of Hillsborough and the power of the fans, and there’s more energy. But our fans are fantastic when we’re away as well. The fans always make us stronger. Of course we prefer to play at home than away.

“So far we have played more games away than at home, but out of our next four games three of them are at home. So we are expecting to do well in the next month. But we also understand that accidents can happen in the championship.”

The manager said at this point, he can’t promise or rule out a promotion.

“You never know what can happen to teams in championship. Sometimes it seems like teams will definitely be promoted, and things change in the last few games. So we must look to the next step, which is always the next game. Then at the end, we will see what we can achieve. But I will say that, in my opinion, we are better than last season. So we do have expectations to do better than last season.”

When asked why he believes the team is performing better this season, Carlos said it was down to hard work.

“After a year and a half of work, our players understand what we want and how we work. I also think we understand the problems created by the opponents.”