Sheffield voted eighth best city in the WORLD for international students

Brexit may threaten the ease for international students to study at British universities, but a recent survey conducted by the student accommodation website,, revealed that seven of the top ten destinations for international students were in the UK, with Sheffield finishing in eighth place.

Figures from the Higher Education Statistics Agency show nearly one in five students in higher education in the UK are international students, and overseas students account for more than half of those on full-time postgraduate programmes.

Adon Lawley, communications manager at explained how Sheffield came to rank in the top ten.

“Every year we look at the data we collect on, which is the world’s largest marketing place for student accommodation,” said Mr Lawley.

“We receive hundreds of thousands of enquiries for properties in over 400 cities worldwide, and there was very high demand in Sheffield between January and December 2017.”

Mr Lawley, an alum of the University of Sheffield, said he can understand why the Steel City has such global appeal.

“It’s a really welcoming city, and it didn’t feel too overwhelming despite being one the country’s largest cities. It’s not too expensive either,” he said.

“There’s also great nightlife, lots to do and explore, and it’s close to peak District. I think it’s well-rounded in terms of what it offers to students.”

Mr Lawley added: “I think the reason it’s so popular is partly to do with the academic reputation of Sheffield University, which has great research links within Asia and across Europe. From the on-the-ground work does in China and Southeast Asia, it’s clear the university is highly regarded.

“I studied for a year abroad in China, so I’ve been on the other side of it. Having a diverse range of students from different backgrounds really helps make a campus more inclusive and enriched.

“Also, in terms of the economy, obviously international students bring in huge amounts of money, so I think it’s beneficial in lots of ways.”

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